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CNCAN authorizations

  • Authorization No. 23-021 rev. 1 for Quality Management System in the Nuclear Field for MANUFACTURING and PROVIDING SERVICES Activities   - view authorization
  • Authorization No. 23-020 for Quality Management System in the Nuclear Field for PROCUREMENT Activities - view authorization
  • Acceptance Certificate CA_01/2020 for Activity Development in Controlled Area of operative enterprises - view authorization


ISCIR authorizations

  • Authorization N-23-04 according to PT N SCP 1-2008 for manufacture and repair of seismic mechanical snubbers; repair of seismic hydraulical snubbers; manufacture of connectig parts and extensions for seismic snubbers;  manufacture and repair of supports type hanger; manufacture of non-standard welded supports; manufacture of linear supports and plates - view authorization
  • Authorization N-23-05 according to PT N SCP 1-2008 for manufacture, repair and  modification of recipients that retain the pressure, nuclear class 1, 2, 3 and non-nuclear class (class 6), with the parameters: Pmax = 14 MPa, Tmin = -196°C, Tmax = 450°C, Vmax = 21 m³ - view authorization
  • Authorization N-22-04 according to PT N SCP 1-2008 for manufacturing pipelines and pipeline elements with the parameters: Pmax=25 MPa, Tmin-20°C, Tmax=315°C, Dmin=1/4" (inch), Dmax=10" (inch) - view authorization
  • Authorization SC ISCIR CERT SA 158 -584 / EC 09.12.2010 – Designing and manufacturing pressure equipment in accordance with Directive 97/23/EC Module G (HG 584/2004) - view authorization

Certification for the Integrated Management System

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